comment faire une relation de travail, comment faire une relation longue distance de travail

Si vous êtes dans une relation longue distance ou que cela arrivera bientôt, cet article est pour vous. De plus en plus de couples traversent une période de séparation, allant de quelques dizaines à des milliers de kilomètres. Combiné avec mon expérience, je devais écrire cet article pour éduquer couple sur how to make une relation longue distancework .

It is also for people who have met online and are dying to meet physically at last.A Latin proverb says ‘Far from the eyes, far from the heart’.The mutual affection of two distant beings would weaken with time, not very optimistic as a vision, At a time when it has never been so easy to fly and communicate, there are many examples that contradict this statement.

Distance is no longer synonymous with absence.It is now possible to speak to the beloved even if he or she is on the other side of the Atlantic.Before I write this article, I have been in une relation longue distance for a few months.So I will share with you 12 tips that you can use with your partner to fully live your relationship despite the miles.Sharing this article with her or him to make the most of it.

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First of all, it is clear that it is not easy to live a relationship at a distance, but it is possible to love oneself at a distance.Many couples who have lived une relation longue distance end up getting married and having a very fulfilling marital life.When we are with someone we love, we would like to be at his or her side, we would like to look at this person in the eyes, to touch and feel his or her warmth, rather than doing this to a smart phone or a PC.

If you meet your loved one online, it may be easier to manage the distance, I said ‘may’; because you will have a feeling of curiosity and of discovery, unlike when you were already close to a person who went away.In that instance, you will rather have a feeling of lack or absence.What is the most difficult to manage according to you? Unfulfilled curiosity or absence? In short, whether you live in one case or another, the best solution and the most natural solution that you both can take is that one of you makes a compromise to go to the other.

Indeed the other must also be ready to make this compromise if there is true love. Le véritable amour est capable de couvrir le diamètre de la planète Terre .It is a question of degrees of love, but also of money.So I’m going to assume that things are going pretty well between the two of you.You really love your partner.

You really miss him or her but it is not easy to travel regularly to go and see him or her.How to maintain your love? How to reassure your partner of your love for him? The tips below will teach you how to make a relationship work. Love is like a flower.She needs to be maintained.You must take care of her so that she is fresh, colorful and alive.Here’s how:

1 Écrivez régulièrement

Some may say ‘I’m busy’, ‘If I move, it’s for a specific job.I’m afraid of being distracted’ etc.But you are not that busy! It is just that you have other priorities.It is a question of priorities.I always tell my friends and luckily my boyfriend understands it.Try replacing the ‘I’m busy’ with ‘It is a priority’ and you will see a big difference in your choices.So give communication with your partner a paramount priority during the day.

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A message in the morning, one in the evening and why not another in the middle of the day (like a medical prescription), will make him or her very happy.This is proof that you are thinking of her or him.This helps reassure your partner.That even if you are not physically present, you show him or her, that he or she is present in your heart and believe me this will proof that you know how to make une relation longue distancework.

2 Faire De Belles Conversations

Instead of sending traditional messages, try to piggyback things with more romantic, more erotic messages to increase the romance of your relationship despite the distance.The goal is to always do the things you did when you were close.

3 Utilisez Des Applications Spéciales

Just as you played games when you were close, you can still do it using apps like Happy Couple.Such Apps are available on the Apps Store and Play Store.With Happy Couple, you can better know your partner, accumulate points, evolve level, make challenges and use your answers as topics of conversations.As for the Couple app, it is a remote messaging messenger adapted for two people only.It has special features that you can discover in the video section.

4 Envoyez des lettres et des cadeaux par la poste

Beyond messaging, send yourself physical things.Gifts are one of the 5 languages ​​of love.It will be like sending him some of you.It is very touching to receive a letter written by ones lover.From the writing, it feels good to smell you on paper and to see your creativity.

5 lancer un défi

Start a challenge.For example, make a playlist on YouTube, Soundcloud, etc of music that you like, make spontaneous video calls.Learn a sport together etc.Have a DropBox where you share your books, photos, etc.Start the challenge to do something crazy.In short, be creative.These creative can really show you know how to make a relationship work.

6 communiquer

Communicating well is essential: you create a constant link that helps reduce the distance between you.Knowing how the other person’s day has been, talking to him or her about his or her little joys and his or her daily worries helps to erase the feeling of being away.Whether by phone, SMS or Skype, it helps you to put your companion in the heart of your daily life even if it is far.

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7 définir des règles pour éviter les mauvaises surprises

We do not all have the same notion of the relationship and the same expectations that arise from it.More than in any relationship, it is important to set boundaries and clearly state what you expect from each other when you live far away from your partner.This is the sine qua non condition that will allow you to live your relationship with confidence and respect.

Without this, your daily life can quickly turn into a hell of doubts and torments.And then, it avoids unpleasant surprises: it is better to learn before celebrating your two years of love with your London boyfriend who you had thought had being faithful but given the distance, have been sleeping with other women the moment you are out of sight.This is one of the no brainer long distance relationship tips.

8 voyez la distance comme une opportunité

There is a proverb that says, ‘If you want to live together, first learn to live apart’.Distance can be a real opportunity.But it is a way to test your love and your degree of commitment in this relationship.The distance is a cleaver: it can separate you if your partner is fragile, but it can especially bring you more than anything in the opposite case.Couples who overcome this obstacle have also proven to be the most durable and strong couples.

9 N’ayez pas peur de maintenir le désir

Sexual desire is what keeps a couple together and which also prevent both parties from drifting.Not only is it a physiological need, but it is also an emotional need: it is what creates a deep intimacy.Here again, the distance is double-edged: if you do not keep the flame, you may get tired of this situation and this imposed Platonism.

However, sextos, naughty pics or Skypes are good ways to fuel the desire and strengthen your bond until your reunion.You save yourself the routine with his lot of bungee pants that yawn because you keep your lingerie fine for ‘special occasions’.And when you find yourself together on the bed, you are unlikely to argue over who should shop the next day.

10 soyez toujours honnête

Distance is scary because both partners are more likely to be exposed and to succumb to temptation.That’s why when you are in a remote relationship; you need to put trust at the top of everything.It is difficult to forgive a declared infidelity, but it is almost impossible to stay with someone we see little knowing he has tried to conceal an incarnation.The most important thing is to trust the other.It is even the basis of a distant love.Without this trust, it will be difficult to make une relation longue distancework.

11 faites les choses ensemble même lorsque vous êtes séparés

Even when separated, doing the same things brings you closer and maintains your complicity.Watch the same game, follow the same series, start the same book to talk about when you get together, set up a little common ritual, even silly, like buying a plant every Monday, naming and exchanging news of your new roommates.It does not matter: it will do you good to share daily experiences even if you are far away.You can never under-estimate the power this has on how to make une relation longue distancework.

12 Surprenez vous

The good news for you is that the distance is only the second largest serial-killer of relationship.Remote relationships have the advantage of not having the weight of the routine.Surprise yourself constantly, even when you are not together: it puts rhythm in your relationship even during periods one is without the other.

Send him or her parcels with small gifts and surprises, send cards or pay a surprise visit, it is up to you to be creative.I hope this article will help you better live your relationship and that you have learnt one or two things about how to make une relation longue distancework .But you must firmly believe that your partner has a future despite the distance.

The biggest benefit of this type of relationship is that you get to know yourself better without really putting the physical aspect forward.You get to know each other as he or she is.When you put the person before the physical, you increase your likelihood of having a lasting and healthy relationship contrary to the case where the physical takes precedence over the knowledge of the other.This last often ends not disappointments.