comment faire un travail de relation, comment faire une meilleure relation

Certains ne peuvent pas supporter d’être seuls et d’autres apprécient la solitude. Nous sommes tous différents et pourtant nous aimons être ensemble. Nous sommes un être de relation et toute notre vie, nous cherchons à établir des relations avec les autres. Alors, la vie en couple peut être difficile parfois et c “est pourquoi en tant qu” individus dans une relation, nous devons apprendre les conseils de base de comment faire un travail de relation .

Some will say ‘men come from Mars and women from Venus’ so much so that we come to say that we live on two different planets.That would mean that men who love men and women who love women, get along and understand each other perfectly because they come from the same planet.The happiness and understanding of a couple is valid for all!

Indeed, we have different ways of interpreting things and this difference might be the result of different values, different needs, different beliefs, and different experiences.Everyone sets the rules of his / her relationship and each individual is responsible for what he does or does not do.Now there are things to know on comment faire un travail de relation and in other to have healthy relationships whenever it exists.

That’s right, no one has given us the manual of ‘how to make my relationship work’, so we manage it as best as we can.The first essential thing to know about individual is that everyone is responsible for what he / she says, does, hears, interprets, condones etc,.The second essential thing is to try to be good with yourself before being good with others.I want to clarify that this post is only my opinion and I do not fall into the generalization.

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Dos à dos

Remember your first date with your loved one.The beating heart, the butterflies in the belly, you think only of him / her, we imagine the moment when we will meet each other and the caresses of the beginning.Then this first appointment is there and it’s more than perfect, the antics last all night, the next morning breakfast in bed, the flowers and we wish to have a good day.

Texts exchanged during the day: ‘I cannot stop thinking about you’, ‘look forward to meeting you tonight.’ Everyone goes to work and the whole day comes back last night with it in the lower stomach, ants that tickle you and say: ‘Go more than a few hours’.Then the night after is even more awesome.We discover, we laugh, we share, the days pass and we settle together.

A month later, there is the first dispute over the purchase of the dining table, because we do not agree on the color.Where am I coming from? Far from me, the idea of ​​reducing a couple’s quarrels to a table color, I’m talking about differences between all human beings.Some like blue, others like red and luckily we are all different.

The individual, according to his environment, his difficulties, his age group, his limits that arises to him, changes.We are in perpetual motion.So difficult for each other in any relationship to navigate when behavior, reactions change.

There are times when we do not want to talk, go for a drink, go to the parents-in-law, to dress in ‘bimbo’ to please gentleman, to put on a suit to please the lady, to talk for hours and these are normal, it is to respect oneself and to respect one’s needs.The first criteria for couple in relationship who want to learn comment faire un travail de relation is communication.

Imagine the number of couples, who do not communicate; the relationship is doomed for life! Keeping things to yourself while it bothers you and let them boil until the casserole boom is not good.It is true that speaking to speak may not be your solution.Each partner should be free to say the things he / she feel instead of burying them in their heart would be better.

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It is obvious that if your partner, for example, during a dinner talks to you badly which really hurt you and you do not say anything, it will be your fault because by the unspoken word, you have made him understand that he can act in this way, and that you do not have any problem with it.He will do it again the next time and will not understand your reaction when you tell him to ‘stop doing so’.

You will spend more time explaining to him what’s bothering you in that attitude when you could have told him right off first time.Another example is that you do not appreciate when your spouse asks you to do things authoritatively.He will do it once, twice, and you will endure it until it irritates you.

Enfin une fois de plus qui ne jouera pas en sa faveur ou dans la vôtre et cela peut causer un conflit grave qui aurait pu être évité si l’une ou l’autre des Parties a appris how to make a relationship work. Of course if there is no love, no more love and you are unhappy, the choices you will have to make will prevail.Before you get to that point, get to know each other, say things to be better understood, satisfy your needs, and be in agreement with your values.

Maintenant, ce qui vous empêche de trouver la solution avec votre conjoint que vous aimez, une solution qui prend en compte les besoins de chaque partenaire afin que les deux peuvent apprendre comment faire un travail de relation .It is certain that a couple might be going through turbulent time, so why not learn to comment rendre votre relation meilleure and reinstall them because it is never too late to change things.

10 Conseils Pour Une Relation Réussie

1 – Dites-vous des choses

It avoids leaving room for imagination.If I tell him that, he will react like that …The negative imagination is the worst enemy of the individual.It only tortures the mind.Rather talk and know what the other thinks of the situation.’Stop making movies’ (you are not a director)In addition, to say things does not bury emotions and feelings that will torture you on a daily basis.

2-Soyez gentil dans vos réponses

Aggressiveness leads to nothing.If you get annoyed when they tell you something.Ask yourself the question: ‘what makes it annoys me’Learn to have a calm and calm speech.Communication is an art.Often the answers depend on the past message and how to say it.

3-Écouter les uns aux autres

To understand that his feelings are binding on him alone and that he is responsible for what he says When the other person speaks, you have to know how to listen to him.In addition, it is important not to take it as a critic and accept that it belongs to him to share his feelings.Stop positioning yourself as a victim.Listening to others is also: listening to their needs without wanting to impose yours that are different.

4-respecter l’autre

Voudrais-tu ne pas être respectée? Le Respect est la fondation de relations saines and part of the golden rule for your relationship success.Respect others as they are, do not judge or criticize.Let the other live The other has the right to make mistakes.It is not because you have had this experience in such a way that the other has to do the same.The advice is good but it does not take into account what the other is.

Respect the other in his choice, desires and decisions.Accept that the other is different.If this is unbearable, always ask yourself the same question: ‘what makes it annoy you?’ It may send you back to something negative, or perhaps learn to accept the other as it is.And if you are asked to change?

Accept that the other does not share the same point of view as you to avoid falling into you are wrong and I’m right situation.Unless you argue about an exact science, everyone has their opinion according to the way it is built, its history, its values, its beliefs.

5 – Tirer à lui, de le féliciter et le remercier

At the beginning of a relationship we congratulate, we compliment the other, and then it fades.Knowing that one can count on one’s partner to be encouraged, congratulated (even when they are small things) goes a long way to show what is love all about in a relationship. If you do not think so, you do not need to compliment.You have to ask the right questions.Everyone needs recognition.Know how to tell your partner that she is beautiful, that you like him that you appreciate his way of dressing.Simple things that is good to hear.When we do not take care of our partner, he / she go elsewhere to find what he/ she does not have at home.

6-trouver des solutions communes

Often the solutions are suitable for one but not the other.In all conflict management, the ideal solution is one that corresponds to both parties equally.

7 – Savoir reconnaître vos torts et s’excuser

There’s a reason the song is called, ‘Hard to Say I’m Sorry.’ Apologizing doesn’t come easily or naturally for most people, including me.We often get too wrapped up in our own lives and needs to consider how we might be hurting others, whether intentionally or unintentionally.In many of these instances, a genuine apology is not only necessary, but perhaps the only thing that can repair an otherwise broken relationship.

8 – Savoir dire non

It is also the basis of a good relationship.Doing things reluctantly only frustrates you.Take it off your head that if you say ‘no’ to another, he will not love you anymore.Love does not mean to bow to all the whims of the other.

9-être bon avec vous-même

Before you commit yourself and be in a relationship with others, find peace and be good to yourself.You have to know how to be alone and not depend on the other.

10 – pour être surpris au moins une fois par semaine

When you first started, you could buy a bouquet of flowers, prepare a meal by candlelight.Add some spice to your antics.What justifies that it is not like this after some time of common life? To please others is to give them importance.Wow, he did it for me.


Quand une crise arrive et vous sentir moins aimé par votre partenaire, posez-vous la question: que puis-je faire pour redémarrer la machine? Que peut-il faire pour me faire aimer davantage?